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About Us

Even though some may say we’re oversharing, we believe in transparency.

The idea of Fashion “Q” started in Los Angeles during the 80’s, when the fashion industry was booming, providing great opportunities for jobs and businesses.

At the core of our company, we wanted to deliver affordable and accessible fashion to everyone. If you’re wondering how and why our prices are so low compared to our competitors, it’s because we refuse to give our customers B.S. markups. Even the letter “Q” was chosen because it was the cheapest letter to make a sign with.

The majority of our products are purchased at a wholesale market, called "Jabba," a slang word people use in the industry for “Jobber” because it contributes to so many jobs. These products are made internationally and in the US. We uphold our vendors and factories we work with the highest quality and ethical standards.

To keep up with the economy, we might have to eventually raise our prices to stay in business, but we will always maintain our belief in high-quality clothes at affordable prices. So, SHOP NOW at these low prices while you can!