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Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

April 29, 2019 4 min read

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work Essentials and Outfits for Under $50

You gotta work, work, work, work, work to afford your shopping habits or what we refer to as retail therapy and we got you covered from the interview process to the office setting! Don’t forget good things happen to those who hustle and there is no other way, but to do it in style!

Picture it, you’re looking for work or working a 9-5 job and you got a lot of bills to pay, but you still want to look like a #bosslady without spending too much money. Don’t you worry, your pretty little head, we are your Fairy Q-mother and we got complete outfits for you for under $50!


Be a TrailBLAZER


Slay it in This Suit JacketThe Eggsy Blazer


Depending on your preference you can wear a blazer that is more fitted or a bit more loose. If you’re looking for something form fitting we would go with the Slay it in This Suit Jacket $17.99, but if you want something a bit longer and looser go for the Eggsy Blazer $19.99. Both will make you look like the boss that you are.



The Badass Biker ShortsThe Voulez Vous Mock Turtleneck BodysuitThe London Pumps


This Spring, we have seen a lot of blazers with biker shorts, so let’s add a stylish twist to the modern interview outfit! We recommend The Eggsy Blazer $19.99 with The Badass Biker Shorts $3.99, The Voulez Vous Mock Turtleneck Bodysuit $6.99 and add The London Pumps $17.99 to complete the outfit.

Total cost of the outfit: $48.96



Best Compliments JumpsuitSlay it in This Suit JacketThe London Pumps


If you are looking for something classically chic where you can go from the interview/office to happy hour, we recommend our best-seller The Best Compliments Jumpsuit $9.99 with the Slay it in This Suit Jacket $17.99 and The London Pumps $17.99. Wear the suit jacket and just like how Superman takes off his glasses and suit to expose the hottie inside, this jumpsuit will have the same effect, superpowers not included (Sorry!)

Total cost of the outfit: $45.97



Sweet Fantasy Draped Collar JacketEndless Possibilities Bodycon Dress


Forget the classic suit jacket or blazer and go for a flowy jacket that adds some professional character. The Sweet Fantasy Draped Collar Jacket $10.99 will complement a bodycon dress perfectly. We recommend The Endless Possibilities Bodycon Dress $14.99, not only will it hug your body in all the right places, but the length makes it just right to reach appropriate professional approval length. Trust us, you can transition this dress seamlessly from work to play.

Total cost of the Outfit with The London Pumps $17.99$43.99


Dress Like You Own The Bank

Boy, do we have the dresses you need to make a spectacular first impression. Every outfit will make your confidence shine to help you get the job you deserve. Don’t forget to make these dresses your own and a add your beautiful smile to the mix. Slay it, like we know you will!



The Wear Me Anywhere DressVixen Bodycon Dress


You will definitely stand out in The Wear Me Anywhere Dress $21.99. If you want to feel like a boss, while still flaunting your curves this is the dress for you! The fabric of this dress molds your body to perfection, the length is appropriate, and the sleek simplicity of the cut is on point!

With The London Pumps total outfit cost: $39.98


The Vixen Bodycon Dress $12.99 is a perfect blend of sexy and professional. This dress will hug your body in all the right places, but who can go wrong with a wrap dress that is still conservative enough to make you look like you bossed up!

With The London Pumps total outfit cost:$30.98



The Chameleon DressThe Every Moment Matters CardiganThe Verve of Life Cardigan


You can take a simple bodycon dress like The Chameleon Dress $6.99 that you can literally wear to anything and it will either look dressed down or up, add a cardigan and either pumps or booties and voila you got a perfect office outfit! If you want a short length cardigan for a more classic look, we suggest The Every Moment Matters Cardigan $8.99 with the The London Pumps $17.99 or if your office is a bit chilly or it’s a bit cold outside we suggest The Verve of Life Cardigan $9.99 with The Chicago Booties $23.99!

Total Cost of the Outfit: $33.97-$40.97



Simply the DressThe Perfect Image BlazerThe Manchester Open Toe Heels


We got you Simply the Dress $9.99, better than all the rest! Technically, it’s just as amazing as the other dresses, but we wanted to give a shoutout to Tina Turner! This dress is perfect alone or pair it with a chic blazer like The Perfect Image Blazer $22.99 and you’re reaching platinum! We love The Manchester Open Toe Heels $16.99 with it’s simplistic chicness and appropriate heel height for this outfit. Bonus points for the chunky heel which gives you ease of walking up and down stairs.

Total cost of the outfit: $49.97

No Slacking Off, Just Slack it!

When it comes to work clothes, you can’t ever go wrong with some slacks. Slacks are to work like ketchup are to fries; they just go together! Sure, you might mix it up and add some ranch or bbq sauce, but ketchup is a classic! Who else is getting hungry?

No slacking off here, let’s get started on some classic slacks for work!



Revolution PantsGood to You PantsThe Valedictorian Cardigan


Run the World BodysuitSheer Wonder Peplum TopYou Got This Bodysuit


Both the Revolution Pants $13.99 and Good to You Pants 13.99 will enhance your outfit, it’s just a preference of style: skinny vs flared. Pair with The Valedictorian Cardigan $12.99 and the Run The World Bodysuit $4.99 or the Sheer Wonder Peplum Top $10.99 and with the You Got This Bodysuit $5.99 for some extra fire!  

With The London Pumps $17.99 total Outfit Costs: $48.30-$49.96



You Got Houndstooth PantsThe Doctor Dress PantsHere Today, Gone Tomorrow BodysuitThe Beat it Mock Turtleneck


If you’re looking for a little extra pop to your outfit we suggest The You Got Houndstooth Dress Pants $17.99 or The Doctor Dress Pants $17.99. Add the Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Bodysuit $6.99 or The Beat it Mock Turtleneck $12.99 and you got yourself a slaying outfit!

With The London Pumps $17.99 total Outfit Costs:$42.97-$48.97

Let us know what you would like to see more of for work essentials!

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