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We’re Halfway There, Let’s Put on Positive Pants and Carry on!

June 19, 2019 5 min read

We’re Halfway There, Let’s Put on Positive Pants and Carry on!

We’re Halfway There, Let’s Put on Positive Pants and Carry on!


We have reached the half-way marker of 2019 and what a year it has been!  This year has been filled with setbacks that will help us grow more united, but when all else fails you have two things to comfort you: retail therapy and food. We can definitely help you with the first option! If only retail therapy was covered by health insurance, but our clothes are so affordable, you’ll still feel like you came out of this a winner. Let us help you relax, recharge and re-emerge into a more confident, stylish and happier version of yourself with a dose of shopping endorphins. Please be prepared to take a walk on the wild side and bloom even in the darkest days.


Unleash Your Wild Side

Sometimes you gotta let out the beast inside you and show off your true colors. When you wear animal prints, we see a person empowered, unafraid to stand out, and strong enough to face any obstacle. Let’s show the world a bit of their wild side!

Cheetahs Goin’ Play:

Chase After Your Rawrr-ing Passion Bodycon DressDon’t Be a Cheat-ah Overall DressOnce a Cheat-ah, Always a Cheat-ah Dress

Find the cheetah inside you and never be afraid to chase after what you want. Chase After Your Rawrr-ing Passion Bodycon Dress $6.99 will get you there in style! Pair this dress with sneakers and a denim jacket for a casual vibe or wear it with heels for a night out.

Have a cheetah-licious day to night transition in this cute, yet sexy overall dress. Don’t Be a Cheat-ah Overall Dress $15.99 will look perfect with sneakers and a bandeau crop top during the day and a lace bralette with heels when the sun goes down!

You’ll never want to be known as anything else but a cheat-ah, once you put on this dress. Once a Cheat-ah, Always a Cheat-ah Dress $21.99 gives you a lux feel with a sexy twist. Show off those legs and put a belt on it to emphasize your waist! Pair this dress with some sneakers or stilettos for a casual to dressy vibe. The most important thing to add to any outfit is your rawrr-ing confidence!



Is it Cheat-ah Day Yet Crop TopDo Your Rawr-ing Thang Cheetah ShortsMrs. Cheat-ah Pencil Skirt


Don’t mesh with a girl on a cheet-ah day! Is it Cheat-ah Day Yet Crop Top $8.99 is perfect way to show off the fierce girl inside you! Pair it with black skinny jeans and heels or wear it with shorts and sneakers.

The best way to walk the walk is by looking fierce af in the Do Your Rawr-ing Thang Cheetah Shorts  $6.99. These shorts are not only comfortable, but with the high waisted tie front, you can emphasize your waist. Pair it with a graphic tee tucked in and sneakers or wear it with a lace bralette, kimono, floppy hat, sunglasses and booties for a festival feel.

Dress up any outfit with a pencil skirt, but if you want to stand out and be the baddest cheat-ah out there, you have to wear the Mrs. Cheat-ah Pencil Skirt  $5.99. Pair this skirt with a bodysuit and heels or wear it with a button up blouse, blazer, and pumps for an office feel.

Shed Your Old Skin and Revel in Your New Sssexy Self

What You Seek Snake Print Crop TopThe Snake Charmer Bodycon DressEscape the Ordinary Snake Print Bell Bottom PantsIndescribable Feeling Snake Print Bodycon Dress


Ready to slither in to some sleek outfits? Snakes exemplify ambition, sexuality and transformation. You can easily wear something as sexy as snake print during the day to night in the What You Seek Snake Print Crop Top  $9.99. Pair it with shorts and sneakers during the day and change those shorts for a pleather skirt and heels for a fun night out with your boss babes!

You cunning little beast, you can charm the pants off anyone and once you top it off with this dress you will be unstoppable. Another piece that can be transformed from a day to night piece, The Snake Charmer Bodycon Dress $14.99 will definitely be a favorite! Pair it with a denim jacket and wedges or wear it with a moto jacket and heels during the night.

Nothing says escape the ordinary and join the extraordinary as much as the Escape the Ordinary Snake Print Bell Bottom Pants  $13.99. These pants will highlight your amazing ass-ets and bring out your wild side. Pair this with a crop top and sandals or wear it with a lace bralette and heels for a naughty and nice feel!

You can make anyone eat the forbidden fruit in the Indescribable Feeling Snake Print Bodycon Dress $23.99. In this dress you will exude a fearless and sensual attitude that will make you the baddest. All you need with this dress is some heels and your beautiful smile!

Every Flower Must Grow Through Dirt

When we think of the beauty and joy flowers bring the world, we forget that they still had to bloom under some literal crap. Let them be an example that no matter what we can blossom into such beautiful, strong and amazing things that bring happiness to those around us. Let’s represent the resilient and dynamic flowers by showcasing them in our wardrobes this season.


Flower Power SundressSo Smockingly Sweet Floral Bodycon DressBecome the Smocking Change Floral Crop TopPetal Power Crop and Shorts


“Flower Power” was a term used in the 1960’s, referring to “make love, not war”. Nothing stands more true today than to embrace the love around us and be the change we believe in! No one ever said you can’t accomplish great things in a floral dress and we got the perfect dress for you! Showcase the delightful side of life with the Flower Power Sundress $22.99. Pair it with sneakers and a denim jacket or wear it with some wedges.

Deceptively sweet and cute, this dress emphasises your curves in all the right places. So Smockingly Sweet Floral Bodycon Dress $18.99 will give you the confidence to accomplish anything and everything you desire. Pair it with sneakers for the day and heels for the night.

Flowers are a testament to why we need both sunlight and rain to sustain us. Don’t forget that every story needs a bit of darkness to help us grow and appreciate the light. Become the Smocking Change Floral Crop Top $10.99 will lighten up your day with it’s chic fit and delicate design. Pair it with shorts and sneakers or wear it with a miniskirt, sleeveless trench coat and booties.

Let’s help each other blossom and grow with support and love. What better way to radiate positivity and sunshine then in a wildflower inspired crop top and short set. Sometimes a smile is all someone needs to brighten up their day and when you’re confident in the outfit that you’re wearing, happiness will be written all over your face. By this logic, Petal Power Crop Top and Shorts $21.99 will not only put a smile on your face, but your happiness with be contagious enough to spread to those around you.

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